A1 Posters - From 1 to 25 Prints

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Maximum file size is 40000KB, file types are Print Ready PDF - with 3mm Bleed and Trim Marks

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A1 Posters - Ideal for promoting events, advertising new products and marketing at trade shows.
Get your poster printed on;
Polypropylene poster media - Durable and economical
Photo gloss or photo matt - Perfect for high quality photo or display prints
Self adhesive vinyl - Ideal for mounting or adhering to a surface
Fabric - Awesome image quality. Easily rolled or folded. Can be stitched/sewn to make cushions.

How long do poster prints take?
It depends on what size and how many you need. We can print 500 A3 poster same day for in-store pickup or next day delivery Australia wide. Dependant upon how many posters you need, we can ship small quantites within 24-48 hrs, larger quantities may take 3 days to complete the order and ship. We will contact you once your order has been placed to confirm delivery details and timeframe.

All about digitally printed posters and offset printed posters - A0, A1, A2 and A3
When printing posters, the size and quantity you require will determine the best way to print the poster. Digital large format printing enables us to print short runs of A2, A1 and A0 posters very quickly and economically on our large format inkjet printers. A3 posters are printed on our sheet fed digital press. Once a certain quantity is required, we advise switching the posters to our offset press which delivers lower unit cost per print once a certain quantity is required.

Digital poster printing is suited to the following quantities
A3 - 1 to 1000 - Same day or next day (Plus delivery)
A2 - 1 to 50 - Next day (Plus delivery)
A1 - 1 to 25 - Minimum two to three day timeframe (Plus delivery)
A0 - 1 to 15 - Minimum two to three day timeframe (Plus delivery)

Above these quantites it is more economical to print posters on our offset presses. When printing posters on our offset system, the unit cost per print is lower, however the minimum run length is higher, for example;

Offset poster printing is suited to the following quantities
A3 - 1000 plus - Minimum two to three day timeframe (Plus delivery)
A2 - 125 plus - Minimum three to four day timeframe (Plus delivery)
A1 - 125 plus - Minimum three to four day timeframe (Plus delivery)
A0 - 125 plus - Minimum four to five day timeframe (Plus delivery)

If you need more information about poster printing please call fprint on 1300 70 80 28 or email support@fprint.com.au.

Click here for help - How to set up your poster artwork file
If you need help with artwork setup, specifications or general information about file types and artwork creation for poster printing, visit our artwork specifications page.

Paper sizes - Click here to view a range of standard poster sizes
For a detailed chart containing all the A series poster sizes, visit our paper and media information page.