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Artwork Setup and File Preparation
Printing orders placed online at fprint.com.au require that all artwork be submitted as “fprint ready” electronic artwork as per the specifications below.

If you are unsure about your artwork, or you have any questions regarding file setup, please visit our “Free File Check” page on this website. Simply submit your file and we will do a speedy appraisal of your artwork and provide you with feedback and printing tips relating to your planned project.

Free File Check Service - Artwork Health Check
We aim to make ordering your printing online fast and easy. To support our customers and provide a service that minimises potential "hiccups" when ordering printing online, we offer a FREE FILE CHECK service to all customers that allows them to simulate the ordering process and submit a file at no cost so we can evaluate your artwork and report back to you with a FILE HEALTH CHECK. Simply click on the FREE FILE CHECK image below and you will be redirected to our FREE FILE CHECK page, follow the simple instructions to submit your file and project details, then we will report back to you within 24 hours - that is the fprint FREE FILE CHECK guarantee.

At fprint, we have found that customers who use our FREE FILE CHECK service experience faster delivery times and greater satisfaction with their delivered project as a result of our FILE HEALTH CHECK report. Try it now for free, right here.


General Tips and Advice About File Types
We prefer to print all files from Press Ready PDF (print ready) files as this minimises potential issues relating to the printing process.

We will accept files prepared in programs such as JPEG, Word, PowerPoint or Publisher. We also accept JPEG and TIFF files. In the majority of cases we will need to convert these file types to meet the specification of our printing workflow. This may incur a minimum file preparation fee of $30.00, which includes a PDF proof emailed to you for approval prior to commencing with your order.

If your file has more than one page, please supply it one multiple page PDF file.
Single sided - If your order is for a single sided postcard or flyer it will be supplied as a one page PDF.
Double sided - If your order is for a double sided postcard or flyer please supply it as a two page PDF.
Multi-page - When ordering multi-page booklets or brochures please supply a multi-page PDF with the same number of pages as your booklet will have when printed. Page one should be the cover and the last page the back cover, with pages between flowing in order of correct reading pagination.

Trim Marks
Trim marks must be included with all supplied artwork as this is required to trim your printed artwork to the correct final size (trim area is the final size of your completed print job).

Bleed (external) Beyond Trim Edge
At fprint.com.au we require that artwork includes a minimum of 3mm external bleed on all files and 5mm on all booklet orders. The external bleed extending past your trim area allows for a small amount of movement that may occur when your work is being cut to size.

Edge Margin Safe Zone
At fprint.com.au we require that all critical artwork elements (text, logos and images) be a minimum of 5mm inside the trim edge of your artwork. Images and other design elements may be printed in this area if they are intended to bleed off the sheet and be trimmed through.

Colour Mode
At fprint.com.au we require files to be submitted as CMYK PDF’s. Files supplied as RGB will require conversion to CMYK. Please also ensure all spot colours are also converted to CMYK.
If you are unsure about your file please use our “Free File Check”.

Image Resolution
Files up to A3 size
Images should be at 300dpi (at final size) and no higher as this does not result in improved image quality, however it effects your file size when saving your file and submitting online.

Poster Printing – A2 up to A0
Images may be at 150dpi (at final size) and need not be higher as this does not generally result in improved image quality when printing larger images. The will also help keep your final PDF file to a manageable size.

If your PDF is created correctly the fonts will be embedded in the file, allowing us to print your file accurately. This is one of the major benefits of using PDF’s when ordering printing online via fprint.com.au.


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